Our mission is to protect the world’s special places by empowering rangers who are dedicating their life’s work to preserve cultural and natural heritage around the world with new motorcycles and equipment.

Rally for Ranges has been implemented since 2014 and motorcycles have been given to rangers in the following areas.

2021 – Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area

2021 – Nomrog Strictly Protected Area

2021 – National Parks of Eastern Mongolia.

2019 – Khar Us lake National Park, Munkhkhairkhan National Park

2018 – Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia.
2017 – Otgontenger specially protected areas, Zavkhan province, Mongolia.
2015 – Ulaan Taiga National Park, Mongolia.
2014 –  Lake Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia.

2022 – National Parks of Bhutan.

2019 – National Parks of Nepal.

2018 – Patagonia Parks, Argentina.
  • 2021 – National Park in Bhutan

  • Dariganga, Numrug, The Great Gobi B National Parks in Mongolia

  • National Park in Nepal

  • National Park of the Khar-Us Lake, Munkhkhairkhan mountain of Khovd province in Mongolia

  • National Park in Patagonia, Argentina

  • National Park of the Mongol Altai mountains of Bayan-Ulgii province in Mongolia

  • Otgontenger special protected areas of Zavkhan province in Mongolia

  • National Park of the Ulaan taiga of Khuvsgul province in Mongolia

  • National Park of the Lake Hovsgol of  Khuvsgul province in Mongolia


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parks in four countries - Mongolia, Argentina, Chile, and Bhutan


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