About Junior Ranger Program

One of leading aims at the MEC in this work is to inspire Mongolian youth to love and protect nature, while helping them learn about the place where they live. With this goal in mind, the MEC has started a “Junior Ranger” program at secondary schools of Hatgal village, with the first Junior Rangers graduating in May, 2014. Some 15 students were selected from 5th and 6th grades to join in this program at its initiation.

Our Junior Ranger Activities

The MEC led various Junior Ranger activities in partnership with both the Hatgal School Administration and Lake Hovsgol National Park starting in the fall of 2014, and continuing through the school year. In so doing the MEC organized separate after-school activities every Wednesday afternoon.

Our Junior Ranger Projects

The results of summer-camp in 2017, all Junior Rangers designed special environmental projects to be implemented at school and in the community during the school year, and some of the students took charge of initiatives to educate their neighbors about the benefits of recycling.

Junior Ranger Camp Counselor

Our Junior Ranger program is designed to engage a new generation of environmental stewards by connecting youngsters with their natural surroundings, and inspiring them to value and conserve Mongolia’s natural and cultural heritage.