The center works in three main fields, which are:

  • Improving protected areas management  
  • Supporting and empowering park rangers
  • Educating sustainability and environment protection to youth

MEC was established to ensure Mongolia’s thriving future by transferring best practices to preserve the environment, natural resources, and cultural heritage of Mongolia.

You can collaborate with us through our programs and projects in environment, sustainable development, tourism, and youth education. Please get in touch with us HERE. (Link of contact info)

We work with government agencies, the Special Protected Areas Administration, secondary schools, and the Ministry of Nature, Environment, and Tourism. The MEC aims to work with the private sector on social responsibility.

Since its establishment, the following projects have been implemented with external funding. These include:

  • The Lake Hovsgol Conservancy
  • Junior Ranger Program
  • Youth Sustainability Corps
  • Rally for Rangers donates motorcycles to park rangers around the world. For more information about the programs, see the Programs section on the website.

Mongolia opened over half of its pristine landscape to foreign businesses to develop through the extraction of vast deposits of valuable mineral resources and the ever-increasing demand for animal products. Due to these unprecedented changes, unsustainable development, and irresponsible decision-making, Mongolia faces environmental challenges that threaten its natural resources and millennia-old nomadic lifestyle. These changes are all the more distressing to many Mongolians because respect for the environment is an important cultural part of Mongolian history. The Mongol Ecology Center positively contributes to economic growth by preserving Mongolia’s most valued natural and cultural heritage that ensures a sustainable future.

We source our funds through international organizations, foreign government funding, and personal donations. Currently, we are working with the European Union, the Australian government, Trust for Mutual Fund, US Aid, Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, the Canadian government, etc.

We have implemented Hovsgol, Hovd, Umnugovi, Dornod, Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii, Sukhbaatar and Dornod aimags.

Yes, you can. Please send your CV to info@mongolec.org.

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