Mongol Ecology Center (MEC) is working to establish the Lake Hovsgol Conservancy to help implement the vision established for Lake Hovsgol National Park.

THE VISION STATEMENT: The pristine, diverse natural, historical and cultural and scenic resources that embody the spiritual values of the Mother Sea and the Father Munkh-Saridag Mountains, and nomadic traditions and folklore they support, will be conserved forever through long-term preservation fully integrated with sustainable economic development.

Working with the Park administration, local governments and commercial service providers the Conservancy will seek to strengthen their capacity to implement the Lake Hovsgol National Park Management Plan; to increase the capacity of the protected area administration to collaborate with local nomadic families, local soums, and the buffer zone councils; and to increase the quality of visitor services within the protected area and the local communities. By accomplishing these goals Lake Hovsgol National Park will be recognized globally as the Crown Jewel of Mongolia, a place for quality tourism and recreation experiences and a place where the local economy will prosper from the creation of new jobs occupied by trained and experienced local residents.

Lake Hovsgol National Park is at a critical turning point. Since establishment in 1992 access to the Mother Sea has been over unimproved dirt roads to the village of Hatgal at the southern tip of the lake.