Mongol Ecology Center

Protected Areas Management

The Conservancy works to establish science as the basis of park management decisions, correct past mistakes, and ensure planned and lawful sustainable tourism development. We believe that demonstrating ways to improve the management capacity of protected areas (PA) in Hovsgol the potential to serve as a model or guide to similar improvements in Mongolia’s other PAs throughout the country.

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Junior Ranger

One of leading aims at the MEC in this work is to inspire Mongolian youth to love and protect nature, while helping them learn about the place where they live.  With this goal in mind, the MEC has started a “Junior Ranger” program at secondary schools of Hatgal village, with the first Junior Rangers graduating in May, 2014. Some 15 students were selected from 5th and 6th grades…

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Rally for Rangers Foundation

Rally for Rangers isn’t just a ride, it’s a movement. Park Rangers around the world, most of them with a bare minimum of support and equipment, are working tirelessly to protect globally significant landscapes and resources. They cover hundreds and thousands of square kilometers of terrain on foot, horseback, camel, elephant, reindeer and, when possible, motorcycle.

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